The Best Chest Workout

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 Best Chest Workout
The Best Chest Workout is the most effective at-home workout to quickly tone and tighten the the entire
chest area, lifting and firming the bust. The breasts are supported by the pectoral muscles, and this workout specifically targets the inner, upper, and outer pectorals. Whether you've just had a baby, lost weight, or just want firmer, more youthful breasts, the Best Chest Workout is for you. Jennifer Porter, former professional ballerina, fitness instructor, and mother of two will lead you through a 6-minute stretch before each workout. The warm-up is followed by 3 different 15-minute workouts with increasing levels of difficulty. Do one workout three times a week. The workouts include such exercises as pec pushes, bench presses, push-ups, incline presses, pull-overs, and incline flies. Equipment needed: a step-bench that inclines, and 1, 3, or 5-pound dumbbells.
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