Top Bra for Big Top

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Here I give you a chance to choose a wonderful Bra from a good quality and best fits for you. These bras are must for those of us who have been overly blessed up top. You do need to go to Le Mystere website, measure yourself according to their sizing, and then order the bra. The sizing is just a little bit different. Also, at first the band of the bra will seem to fit too snugly, but that is actually the way bras are supposed to fit for better support. And, they do stretch some after wear. If you're tired of having a saggy look, the headlights showing, or the muffin top, then try this bra. It's expensive, but you'll spend a lot more in your search for a better one in the end. Quit buying those cheap bras from the local WALMart. You have never been pleased with them in the past, and it wont be any different now. I have bags full of old ones to prove my point. BUT, DEFINITELY GO BY THEIR SIZING ON THEIR WEBSITE BEFORE ORDERING!

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