Makeup Tips to Make the Eyes Look Bigger

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Make the Eyes Look Bigger
How to make your eyes looks bigger by Makeup is a common issue that meets a wide range of females. We all know that makeup is an amazing medium that helps us in a wide range to play with our look to be satisfied about our appearance. Using the right technique is the magic key to have the best results of our makeup in our look.
If you one of whom looks to make their eyes look bigger you can relay in makeup. All you need is curl your upper eyes lashes, then apply mascara to give it a plenty of length and volume. Doing that will make your upper eyes lashes stand out.
For the lower eyes lashes, stroke it downward by the applicator. Doing that will helps your eyes to open up to look bigger. Finally; you will need to finish your eyes look with a dark eye liner to define the lids.

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