Fashion Trends To Make Your Nails Look More Beautiful

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If you looks for a nail tape stripe decoration sticker to add a nice and trendy touch for your nails, you should buy this SET of 10 Nail Tape Stripe Decoration Sticker Hologram.  You will get with this product an awesome pretty nails better than any other product you had used before, you will find it completely smooth.

SET of 10 Nail Tape Stripe Decoration Sticker Hologram

Just fix it in a right way as following:
1-  Apply a layer of foundation gel, then cure under the UV lamp (as per the instructions).
2 -  Apply a layer of color, then cure.
3 -  Repeat step 2, if necessary.
4 -  Apply a layer of top coat, then cure and remove the tacky residue with alcohol.
5 -  Cut the striping tape into small sections and place them on nails, as desired. (you can use tweezers to manipulate the tape so that you didn't ruin the adhesive.)
6 -  Trim the tape so that it does not reach the edge of your nails (otherwise it will peel).
7 - Finally,  Repeat steps 1 and 4.
 It comes in many colors: Silver, Gold, Laser gold, Green, Blue, Red, Purple, Rose, White, Laser purple.
You can see all reviews about it from;  here 
Look at its final appearance ..


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