Great Way To Whiten Your Teeth At Home

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The cost of professional ‎teeth whitening can be very unaffordable, but fortunately there are many ways for you ‎to whiten your teeth and save money too at your home. Here you are some great teeth whitening tips for you to use at home.

What you will need to whiten your teeth :

There are many products which you can find on store shelves and online that are made especially for ‎teeth whitening at home. Most of these products take a certain time to give its results, and its price varied ‎
depending on trademark and style.‎

1 - Hydrogen peroxide

2 - Baking soda

3 - Tooth paste

4 - Mouthwash‎


1 - Mix 1/2 hydrogen peroxide + 1/2 mouthwash.

2 - Gargle the mixture for a minute and rinse.

3 - Brush your teeth with baking soda and toothpaste mixture.

4 - To do this, mix a bit of toothpaste + 1 tsp of baking soda + half tsp of water.

5 - Mix thoroughly until you reach the consistency of paste.

6 - Brush your teeth using the mixture.

May you like to use some tools over like;
 Teeth whitening pens - These Pens are used to brush a thin layer of whitening gel ‎over each tooth, same way as painting fingernails. The gel dries to form a very thin coating layer that ‎aides in teeth whitening. Teeth Whitening Pens are also good to use in tandem or as a follow up to professional ‎teeth whitening to maintain brightness. Many have recognized somewhat negligible results ‎when used alone.‎

Finally; you can prevent your teeth to be yellowed and stained easily if you followed the previous way frequently and try to avoid excessive drinking which stain teeth like coffee and ‎wine or corrosive drinks like soda.‎

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